Fruit based Fillings

Fruit Filling – A line of fruit-based fillings for every possible application.


Pasteurised fruit based fillings for bakery and frozen products.

  • Ready to use.
  • Suitable for pre and post oven fillings.
  • Stable consistency over time.
  • Customisation on request.
  • Strict selection of high quality raw materials.




The filling of intermediate humidity products (croissants, brioches, muffins, plum-cakes, cakes, panettone, sponge cakes, etc.), biscuits, tarts or frozen bakery products.

Product Range

Within the range, customers can choose the type of filling most suitable for their productions, the amount of fruit present and the rheological properties:

  • FRUIT FILLING: semi-finished pasteurised fruit-based products to be used for post-oven filling. Available in a wide range of flavours (apricot, cherry, orange, lemon, strawberry, wild berries, apple, peach, etc.), and also with fruit pieces.

Storage & packaging

Thanks to their specific formula, they can remain effective for up to 18 months.



– 6 / 13 / 20 / 25 kg drums
– Stainless steel tanks of 1000 kg
– Other packaging is available on request.