Releasing Agents

Fluid, Dividec, Double, Medium, Hard – Processing aids for the removal and de-moulding of confectionery products.


Specifically formulated for the most difficult cases in the removal of products with different sugar content, our releasing agents are easily applicable to all types of moulds and oven bands as well as to the production of sweets.

  • No OGM.
  • Stable for a long time.
  • Odourless and tasteless; they do not interfere with the product.




The removal of bakery products and candies from dividers, moulds, oven bands.

Product Range

Customers can choose from a wide range of products most useful to their needs.

  • FLUID: a range of high viscosity, non-resinifying, long-lasting oils for various uses, particularly suitable for sponge cakes and egg beaten pastries, to facilitate the removal of products from moulds or oven bands.
  • DIVIDEC: fluid oil to facilitate the removal of dough from dividers, hoppers, etc.
  • MEDIUM: releasing agents for candies and pastilles.
  • DOUBLE/HARD: solid substances for the removal of confectionery products with a high sugar content (ladyfingers, macaroons, etc.).

Storage & packaging

The products remain effective for at least 12 months if stored at room temperature.



– Drums of 24 / 25 Kg
– 24 / 25 Kg canisters
– Cubes of 900 Kg
– Other packaging is available on request.